Makin it Go

Bzzzzz. We could fill this whole page with BZZZZZ!! Because (largely) you already know the vital stuff as it was all in the last couple pages.


To regenerate the complete site:

  hobix regen blahhg

To regenerate only that which has been modified since the last regen:

  hobix upgen blahhg

Hobix also comes with a way to do any of this from Ruby. Simply load the Hobix::Weblog class and your configuration. Then call the Hobix::Weblog#regenerate method.

  >> require 'hobix/weblog'
  >> weblog = Hobix::Weblog.load( '/my/blahhg/hobix.yaml' )
  >> weblog.regenerate

To do an upgen:

  >> weblog.regenerate :update

The Ruby API is really handy if you find yourself wanting to script the weblog to suit your particular needs. For example, I’ve got a script that will run when I send an e-mail to the server. The e-mail is turned into a blahgg entry and the site is upgen’d. All with Ruby HORRAAH!!